La Jolla H3 celebrates


California's first Hash celebrates 20 years of Hashing
Memorial Day Weekend 1998 - Saturday May 23rd - Monday May 25th


And it was a blast!


Naval Training Center, Sailing Center on Harbor Drive
From the Navy Sailing Center an early turkey/eagle option allowed hashers to see varying amounts of Bay views and the Pt. Loma high rent district on the way to the first beer check just over the summit of Pt. Loma. Locals know this ocean view neighborhood for its wild parrots, so why not some wild hares and beer checkers (Lickit, Pink Panther, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Ted).

Special celebrants at first beer check -- Old-timer Larry Lawver, Former Down-Down Master Mr. Spock (aka John Martin), and nearly aboriginals tiger-striped Bob Kiekhefer and Sperm Count (John Bennett).

From the beer check, the trail headed down to a culvert and then split again with the eagles heading down to Sunset Cliffs and taking a circuitous route thru additional high rent districts as the turkeys headed more directly to the second beer check in a tiny park hidden between houses back on the Bay side of Pt. Loma.

From there the trail more or less beelined back to the NTC Sailing Center.
beer check

beer check
LJH3 aboriginals ON ON
Beer flowed and Leslie's margarita machine sprang into action as Deep Throat and Sticky Fingers prepared pasta with clam sauce or marinara and La Bufadora assembled giant Ceasar salad.

Aboriginal La Jolla Hashers - from left: Char Shine Liu, Chuck Adelseck, Carolyn Glockhoff, Joe Curray, Ken Robertson.

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