La Jolla H3 celebrates


Memorial Day Weekend 1998 - Monday


And it was a blast!

Monday: Start at the Cross on Soledad Mountain.
From the top of the mountain, 4 trails of varying length challenged the nearly hashed out 20th anniversary celebrants. Some trails crossed, most circled, all but the circle-the-cross option went downhill only to return up.
Pita sandwiches and watermelon relish fed the masses.

Personal Ramblings and Reminiscences

I was surprised to see so many aboriginal La Jolla Hashers. Run #1 only had 23 hashers or hash virgins and 7 showed up 20 years later: Joe Curray, Ken Robertson, Chuck Adelseck, Char Shine Liu, Dave Moore, Dave's daughter Patty, and me (Carolyn Glockhoff). Dave Wirth, Bob Kiekhefer, John Bennett, Ken Richter, and Jim Geddis had joined us within the first 10 runs and came for the festivities. Glad to see my buddy Chuck, now living in Ventura, still remembers how to hash. Dave and early Hash wannabe Claire Moore have moved off the boat and now live in Northern California. Char Shine came the farthest, from Taiwan. [Glad you could include us in your US conference trip, Char Shine.] Bob Kiekhefer (aka Kiwifucker) told me about one of his adventures - taking his family on an African safari with lions making noise and mating outside the tent every 15 minutes! Needless to say, they didn't sleep well that night.

Returning members Larry Lawver, Zeballs, Zinc/Sullivans, Wrong John, the architects - Jim Watts and Janice Fahey, Annie Marston/ Allan Sauter. I'm sure I missed seeing a few others

Visitors especially from SDH3. Thanks for coming and helping La Jolla Hash celebrate. Also, I finally met the famous Flying Booger.

Thanks organizer Apollo, cooks Deep Throat, Sticky Fingers, La Buf, and others, lotsa hares, photographers, registration people, and all the others who made this a really special series of events.       For other photos see LJH3 official website
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