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Sites I have designed/developed that are currently active and still reflect my work

  • San Diego Association of Geologists - San Diego Association of Geologists is totally my production. I built the site in 1997 and have expanded and maintained it ever since. The idea is easy, intuitive navigation, with content maintained at least once a month. Recently I developed some cgi/perl scripts to collect meeting registrations and food preferences, print out the reservations for the officers via password protected pages, and allow the officers to edit the reservation list then rename the file after the meeting to start a new list for the next meeting. Users/members of the organization really like the site.

  • Kathy Loper Events - I designed the overall "look and feel" of this site and some of the ColdFusion functionality. In addition I built all of the international race tour pages - which include a dramatic backdrop at the top of the pages to set the "look and feel" of these adventure running tours.

  • San Diego Environmental Professionals - SDEP wanted a website to communicate environmental issues with their members and also with the general community. I built cgi/perl scripts to collect meeting registrations and food preferences, somewhat similar to the SDAG site, and also a cgi/perl form for the SDEP officers to maintain their own meeting information. This was a turn-key project, now under their control.

  • Michael W. Hart - Engineering Geologist - is a small site for a consulting geologist who needed a web presence. I used the design of his report covers for the top of the pages, keeping his special font as the primary option for those who had it loaded on their computer.

  • wash creative - Wash Creative already had an elaborate Flash presentation website, but it needed optimization for better functionality. I made the QuickTime TV commercials open within Flash, rather than opening separate windows which required a separate QT player to view, after a substantial download time. I also made some content updates and a few minor page redesigns on this site.

  • Iron Rule Hash House Harriers - is a fun, single page, JavaScript "Easter egg" enriched, introduction I built for a running club I belong to.

  • DB Demo - This is a small demo directory on this site which is more "corporate" style with Flash roll-over buttons (but generic graphics) and includes a searchable cgi/perl/flatfile product database I built.

Mindless Amusements

Special Features

  • colorized black & white photograph          Midway
  • AutoCAD drawings          Deck plans
  • animations           built with GifBuilder - Name          with Director and GifBuilder - Midway    Fireworks           with sound in Flash - Midway          Flash roll-over buttons - Demo
  • game - using ActionScript in Flash          Educational Geology Game
  • sound - extracted audio channel from video tape and edited with SoundEdit Pro          Song
  • movie - edited video, initially used Fusion to make QuickTime video for Director project, later reformatted QuickTime movie for web use with Premier           Movie
  • QuickTimeVR panorama assembled in Photoshop from 18 hand-held photographs using Make QTVR Panorama           Red Dress Run Panorama
  • downloadable resume, saved as .rtf - prints out formatted resume          Resume
  • forms - cgi script gathers data and sends e-mail to me - using FormMail           Comment Form.
    I have written my own cgi/perl forms and scripts for other sites I have designed/developed.
  • Flat file database with CGI/PERL form          Demo Products
  • frames control the personal section - used targeted frame, did not want to open new browser window          personal section

Portfolio Notes

Kathy Loper Events home I redesigned Kathy Loper Events - originally a bland "parchment" background with generic navigation tabs, to a more dynamic red/white/blue look and easier navigation. The home page includes a Flash animation of upcoming tours and links to ColdFusion database linked event schedule and forms pages. My client's office staff has web form pages to maintain the data linked pages. Kathy Loper Events schedule This is a ColdFusion page I designed for displaying upcoming events. The background is comparable to the home page, but with more space for text in the center because the left side is not used for international events on this page.
Great Wall Marathon tour One of client's regular running/tour events - has a basic information page, an extensive itinerary section (which client wanted all on one page), a printable table showing prices of the various options/tours, and a registration form. Users can sign-up and pay online through a link to registration company. Header design shows a dramatic scene of the Great Wall of China behind the text. Most of the photos/graphics were taken by me while on the first tour. Tibetan Plateau Marathon tour Another international race/tour uses photos and graphics representing the land, colors, and cultural aspects of the country. Web pages include: basic information, itinerary, prices and options, and a registration page. This tour also had online registration.
San Diego Association of Geologists  home This is the home page for San Diego Association of Geologists, a professional organization, listing current officers, an aerial photo of the upcoming field trip area, links to the newsletter, and other links considered useful to the members. SDAG reservation form The pop-up window is the reservation form (cgi/perl) for dinner meetings. It will accept up to 5 entries - with name, company, contact, and food menu pulldown (server side includes). There is also a checkbox for students (to receive a discount on the meal) and a hidden field date stamp. Behind the form window is the Meetings page - with location, map, presenter information, etc. and the launch button for the form.
SDAG reservation list This is a cgi/perl page generated from a flatfile database of reservation information. Results are alphabetized and heads counted. The food hash generates totals on each food option chosen. Normal meetings register 30 - 80 people from the website. Officers access and edit this page via a password protected entry page. SDAG field trip This field trip visited several gem bearing areas, so I used a gem picture from one of the mines as the background graphic. Each year the field trip has a different format and different amounts of information available to put on the website.
SDEP data entry page SDEP meetings page San Diego Environmental Professionals meetings page is generated from the data entry page using cgi/perl and server side includes. I built the banner graphic and all other page design elements. Before each meeting an officer in the organization updates as many as 11 data fields - primarily information about the meeting site, menu, cost, speaker, and discussion topic. SDEP jobs entry form SDEP jobs page SDEP wanted its corporate sponsors to be able to advertise job openings on the SDEP website. This is the input form I designed for them to use (password protected). A hidden date field would control how long a job stays on the list. The site was designed as a turn-key project, but the client has not activated the jobs section.
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